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Transcript Services

CHASC creates professional transcripts for work, military, or college applications or for final school records.  We also create transcripts for students who are returning to public or private school. 

All CHASC high school students will be emailed one final copy of their transcript each year if they submit the course information and all required documents by the deadline for GPA calculations (May 15th for seniors and May 31st for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors).

Parent-generated transcripts are legal in South Carolina. If they desire to create their own transcript, our members are free to use the transcript  format of their choice. Downloadable templates are available in the Member Area. However, because CHASC ranks high school students, a final official transcript including class rank must be sent by us to the college if the student wishes to qualify for any of the SC scholarships

If you are not a CHASC member, you may use our transcript services. Class rank will not be included and we cannot issue an official signed transcript from our association. Your association leader is the only one who can assign class rank and sign the transcripts if necessary. Not all associations rank students so if this is important to you, please check before you sign up with an association.

For those who have a student who may qualify for NCAA scholarships, beginning the process early is highly recommended.  They have specific requirements for the transcript format.  We do have a template for our members in the Member Area

For parents who wish to create their own transcripts we do offer a transcript review service. The parent sends the completed transcript to us for our review and re-calculation of the GPA if applicable. If we do not have to re-create the transcript but have to make some adjustments, a $10 fee will be charged.  If no or minimal changes need to be made, the service is free for members. If a new transcript has to be created, the fee for creating a new transcript will apply.  Email all transcripts for review to Be sure to note that you would like us to review the transcript. Our comments will be emailed back to you within 5 business days. 

Transcripts can be created for all grade levels: elementary, middle, and high school.

Our Fees:

     Simple Elementary or Middle School (1 year) $12

     Middle School with high school credit (1 year) $15

     Freshman high school transcript $15

     Sophomore high school transcript $35

     Junior high school transcript $50

     Senior high school transcript $65

     Additional year for current high school transcript $15

     Transcript Review with minor editing $10

Please use this High School Transcript Request Form to provide required information when requesting a transcript for your high school student. If you are a CHASC member in need of a high school transcript, please email and request one so we can determine the best means of creating the transcript for you. 

Please use this Elementary and Middles School Transcript Request form to provide the required information when requesting an Elementary or Middle School Transcript. 

Transcript workshops are also offered through the year. Please watch our Facebook Page and website for more information on workshops.  Feel free to contact us if you wish to schedule a workshop.   (843) 376-3209 or

Transcript Fees
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