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Events For Homeschoolers 

This is a list of events that is open to homeschool families. It is provided as a service and does not imply endorsement of the program. 

We will note any affiliate links*. If you use an affiliate link, CHASC will earn a percentage of any purchases you may make using our link. 

Game Night In Spanish

Hello from all of us at Academia Bilingual Bridges! We'd like to invite your child to our Game Night in Spanish on Saturday, February 18th at 7 PM Eastern Time. This is a free event and open to children from 6 to 12 years of age. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary.

Please see the flyer below. If you would like your child to attend, just send us an email with your child's age. The event will be held through Zoom and we'll send out the link to all who are interested.


Maribeth Hoath-PĂ©rez

Academia Bilingual Bridges

Tel: 240-764-9094


prom night for homeschoolers 2023

Tickets will go on sale starting February 20th (for Seniors and their dates only).

$40 Seniors ONLY early bird - 2/20

$50 Seniors & Juniors - 2/21 - 2/26

$55 Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores - 2/27 - 3/13

$60 Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen - 3/14 until sold out

We will be posting lots of information on our Facebook page....Prom Night (for homeschoolers). Follow us there for all the fun details.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


the Prom Committee


SC Virtual Homeschool Conference 

This is a uniquely local Virtual Homeschool Conference with a variety of presentations and panel discussions to equip, encourage and empower you wherever you are on your homeschool journey.

Topics include:

Getting Started, Record-keeping, Choosing Curriculum, Homeschool styles, Assigning grades

Special Needs, High school, Standardized Testing, Preschool, Career Explorations

Storytelling, Math Games, Gameschooling, Media Literacy

Racial diversity, Secular Homeschooling, Unschooling

Starting/Running a Co-op/Resource Center, Watching Legislation, Socialization


Over 30 workshops with lots of free printables to jump-start your school year!

Panelists and presenters include association directors and other experienced homeschool leaders in South Carolina (and beyond). All the workshops are prerecorded, available to watch at your own pace.

Grab your space!!

Enjoy the conference from the comfort of your own home...or on your summer travels. It's so easy to access these amazing resources on the go!

We can't wait to see you at the first-ever SC Virtual Homeschool Conference. We'll save you a seat!

For only $35 you can sign up for access to sessions that include:

  • Making Meaningful Connections
  • Know Your Why
  • Calculating Grades
  • Association Policies
  • Choosing Curriculum
  • What About Socialization?
  • Homeschool Lingo
  • Can You Homeschool Preschool?
  • Getting Started Homeschooling Panel
  • Homeschooling High School Panel
  • Homeschool Styles Panel
  • Recipe for Success
  • Poetry Tea Time for Your Homeschool
  • Integrating Games into Your Homeschool
  • Unleash Your Creativity with Storytelling
  • How to Watch SC Legislation
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Secular Homeschooling
  • Connecting Language Arts and Martial Arts
  • Preparing for College and Career
  • Homeschooling Special Needs Students
  • Homeschooling with Kids who are Wired Differently
  • Starting a Co-op or Support Group
  • Starting a Microschool or Tutoring Center
  • Homeschooling FREE with the Library
  • Project Management Resources & Scholarships
  • Take Action SC
  • Nature as Teacher
  • Governor's School for Math & Science
  • Lyceum Program at Clemson
  • Understanding School Choice
  • Planning Your Best Homeschool Year Yet
  • SC Discus
  • Career Planning with Ivy Camps
  • College & Career Opportunities with Air National Guard Recruiter
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