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The Dyslexia Tutor

Whitney Kriewaldt


-Trained in The Barton Reading and Spelling System

-Experience with students who have Visual and Auditory processing disorders, ADHD, Appraxia, etc.

-Over 21 years of homeschool experience, as well as teaching in local co-ops and tutoring other homeschooled students.

-Students are local as well as from various areas in the U.S. and even international - Calgary, Canada and Ghana, Africa.

Whitney comes highly recommended. Her students love her and parents sing her praises.  She has a heart to help her students succeed and the ability to make it happen. 

Homeschooling the Special Needs Child

Susan Blackwell, Education and Testing Consultant


Phone: (803) 429-3899

Susan is our "go to" person when we need to consult about a special needs situation. She has been a wonderful source of information and has special insight from her years of personal and professional experience. Wendy

Testing season is here!! If you'd like to determine what your child has mastered and where he may need additional instruction and review, a Woodcock Johnson test is most helpful. It's great for those who struggle with standardized tests since it is interactive and I help them stay focused. It lasts 1- 1/2 hours and the score sheet is printed out at the end of the session. You will know the grade levels and age equivalents AND my computer program generates a printout of strategies and interventions in low scored areas. I try to make it a fun experience and put the child at ease. Check out more information at or call me at 803-429-3899.  Susan

Homeschool Legal Defense Association Special Needs/Struggling Learner

SPED Homeschool

SPED Homeschool's mission is to provide the help and resources families needed to provide the best learning environments for their struggling learners. 

They believe every child can succeed when provided individualized instruction at home.

We provide families with quality resources, understanding, encouragement, and hope for their homeschooling journey.

We partner in these efforts with trusted businesses partners who share our vision and co-labor with us in our mission.

The resources listed on this page have been recommended by parents who have students with special needs. It is not all-inclusive. If you have a resource that you have found valuable in home educating your special needs child/ren, please feel free to email information to and we will add it to this page.

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