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Membership Year June 1 2022 to May 31 2023

  • June 01, 2022
  • 12:00 AM
  • May 31, 2023
  • 11:59 PM

Our membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st. In that time period, members are expected to complete the minimum 180 instructional days as required in the SC Homeschool Law. These dates (June 1st to May 31st) were chosen based on deadlines and requirements for high school students. Some of the deadlines for senior students are earlier than May 31st so families with high school seniors must be aware of all deadlines for the association and for any colleges or scholarships they are interested in. Please review the High School section of this handbook for more information. (Handbook p. 15 to the end)

All members follow the same membership year to avoid confusion. However, in that year, members may choose whatever academic schedule they wish. Because section 59-65-47 does not set a length for the school day, there is no minimum amount of time required to count toward a school day nor a set schedule of classes for each day. However, families are encouraged to be sure to complete the work required for the grade level in roughly 180 days and this goal may shape the number of hours in each school day. Younger students may have much shorter days than older students because of the difference in workload. Some students are also more dedicated to completing their work while others may dawdle and take longer to complete their work and this may even change from year to year or during the same school year.

If a family begins to homeschool after the students have been in a public or private school or another program or association, they may count the instructional days that have already been completed in that school or program. It is not necessary to begin counting on the first day of homeschooling in those cases. However, instructional days can only be counted toward one school year. In the rare instance that a family is not able to complete the 180 instructional days by May 31, they must file an Extension form on or before May 31. If completing the school year by May 31st is a consistent problem, members may be encouraged to see if another accountability association would be a better fit for their family’s homeschool needs. Not meeting deadlines in high school can create some serious problems for high school students, especially those bound for college. (High school section of handbook p.15 to end)


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