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Executive Functioning Program

  • 1 Sep 2021
  • 31 Aug 2022
  • License from CHASC for home use


  • Use of program from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022 for one CHASC member family.
  • For non-member families. An individual license will be issued to your family for use from September 1 2021 to August 31, 2022.

Registration is closed

The poll indicated that we have enough interest in the Executive Functioning program through Axiom Learning to open this event for families to commit to pay for the program. 

We are also opening the option to non-member families to register for the program. 

The fee for Member families is $40/year

The fee for Non-member families is $75/year

We can only offer the program at these rates if all previously interested families commit to pay for the course. If you are interested in signing up but did not complete the poll, you can still sign up.

Please, only sign up if you agree to pay for the program. 

Invoices will be sent once we have enough families registered for this event. 

CHASC will be paying the licensing fee for the program and then each family that wishes to participate will register with CHASC as an individual school. We desire to have all families committed and paid by August 20th so  we can begin our licensing agreement on September 1. All registered and paid families will have access from September 1 2021, to August 31, 2022. 

This is NOT a fundraising program but we do need to break even on the licensing fees. If we have significantly more members register through this event page, we will adjust the invoices. 

Each family will be able to tailor the program to their needs. They will choose the modules they wish to complete and move through the program at their own pace. 

Here is more information about the program: 

Information can be found on the curriculum’s main webpage - https://subscription.axiomlearning.com/executive-functioning-curriculum-for-schools

Axiom has been working with partner schools for the past few years and here is a link with some testimonials from teachers and school leaders about how the curriculum has helped their classroom - https://subscription.axiomlearning.com/executive-functioning-curriculum-for-schools/testimonials

Finally, you can preview a module, Where Does All The Time Go? – Time Vortexes & Savers - https://subscription.axiomlearning.com/executive-functioning-curriculum-for-schools/time-vortexes-savers-module-preview

The bulk of the information you need is on the websites above. Here is a bit more information to help start:

The curriculum includes 80 lessons that cover 20 key habits. The lessons each take about 15 minutes to complete and allow for flexibility in how and when you choose to implement the lesson. The lessons can be used for multiple ages and require minimal preparation. Students first discover the module with you, then collaborate with you, and lastly work to integrate the module

Your child(ren) will learn how to:

  • Manage time & reduce procrastination
  • Break down assignments and other tasks into achievable steps
  • Organize their space and their thoughts
  • Develop flexibility and adjust to new and unexpected events
  • Prioritize tasks by focusing on what’s important
  • Sustain motivation for projects of all sizes
  • Embrace a growth mindset
  • Discover HOW and WHAT to study
  • Learn the difference between urgency and importance
  • Start and complete work (including homework) in a timely fashion
  • Minimize distractions to improve time management
  • Learn to evaluate stressful situations and respond in an appropriate way
  • Build resilience and turn negativity into an opportunity for personal and academic growth

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